Though their former band "The Real Gonzos" was killed and buried it was obvious to Byko (Byko & The Bykonauts) and MirKong (Rockaway Shanty) to continue making music together and sing about strange stuff like "Roof Cowboys" or getting arrested by the "Internet Police" while eating "Girlfood".

Things started to get hot in summer 2015 when they crashed into groove machine Andrew Scott (UlrichPlays), whose tight and powerful drum style perfectly matches MirKong's straight bass lines and Byko's guitar playing somewhere between the sweetest melodies and pure noise attacks.

Not giving a shit about musical rules and borders they created their punky but soulful sound, looting the last 50 years of music history.

Located in Berlin-Friedrichshain they started to conquer stages in September 2015.

After the release of their first EP "Prepare Your Soul" in autumn 2016, the performances slowly grew.
Not only they did rock in Berlin's live Music-Institutions such as "Cortina Bob" and "Wild At Heart",
but they were also part of the supporting program at the crazy Vinge/Müller stage production
"Nationaltheater Reinickendorf" at the Berliner Festspiele.

The second EP "Donate Your Soul" followed in 2018 and meanwhile the band is also leaving the capital for their concerts.

Maybe tomorrow in your neighborhood.

So watch out for THE GONZO FOUNDATION!!!

The Gonzo Foundation is part of the Atwoplus Berlin Music Cooperation.

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